den danske nationalkomité for byzantinske studier

The Eagle Carpet (detail), Odense: Saint Knud Church

Welcome to The Danish National Committee for Byzantine Studies founded in 1978. The committee aims at supporting and coordinating activities in the field of Byzantine studies and is a member of the Association Internationale des Études Byzantines. Membership is open to researchers and individuals with interests in Byzantium and its cultural heritage. Byzantine studies in Denmark have primarily been cultivated at the University of Copenhagen, which offers a master degree in the field. Research in Byzantine topics is currently conducted in the Departments for Greek and Latin, History, Classical Archaeology, Modern Greek, and Art History. Among significant Danish contributions to Byzantine studies should be mentioned Ada Adler's critical edition of the Lexicon Suidas in five volumes (-1935) and the series Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, founded in 1931 by Carsten Høeg in collaboration with Egon Wellesz and H. W. J. Tillyard

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place: The Church of Our Lady, the Cathedral of Copenhagen. Vor Frue Kirke Københavns Domkirke, Frue Plads: Skriftestolen i Rotunden med indgang fra Fiolstræde

Foredragsarkivet (foredrag afholdt i Byzanskredsen)


Referat fra forrige møde (1.12.2015) i Byzanskredsen


Nordic Byzantine Network Stockholm

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Den armenske musikforsker Haig Utidjian på gæstevisit (2.2.2016): Points of interaction between the theory, practice and aesthetics of the Armenian and Byzantine sacred musical traditions




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Tirsdag, 19.4.2016, kl. 19.00: Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen: Den byzantinske digter Romanos Melodos

Tirsdag, 24.5.2016, kl. 19.00: Sigurd Kværndrup: Byzantinske spor i nordiske middelalderfolkeviser og kalkmalerier

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